The Sad Saga of My First Paycheck

I was supposed to get my first paycheck for the summer from Sandia last Thursday. It was supposed to be direct deposited. Instead, it was mailed to Austin.

Finally, after tracking down exactly where it went (Sandia Payroll wasn’t sure), they told me this morning that it would be faster to have Vince overnight it to me than for them to cancel it and issue a new check.

This is a national lab, managed by a Fortune 500 company.

Anyway, I called Vince and hopefully tomorrow I’ll have my check deposited. And finally be able to get my bike.

Incidentally, today, after I had filled out my timecard for this week, my manager came by and told me to go ahead and put down full work days for Monday and Tuesday when I was at the ANS conference, even though I was representing UT. At least that turns out nicely. 🙂

One comment

  1. You must realize that you have the problem identified in the phrase “national lab.” Whenever the government/military get involved with paychecks, your chances of seeing your money in an efficient timeline decreases exponentially in relation to the level of bureacracy.

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