Muh new bike!

Well, I’ve finally got her. My new Surly Cross-Check. The guys at the shop were awesome, really helpful.

And the bike’s a dream to ride. So comfortable. Fits me perfectly.

So without further ado:

She’s puuuurty. 😀

Future modifications will include front and rear fenders, a rear rack with panniers, and possibly upgrading the drive train. Also some brake levers on the flats.

I may also switch out the bar end shifters for some brifters, but I’ll give that time. The bar ends aren’t as big a switch as I thought they’d be, and I kind of like the retro-look of them, but at the same time, braking and downshifting is a lot smoother and more intuitive with brifters, so we’ll just have to see how I’m feeling after a couple weeks/months/when my bank balance recovers.



  1. Cool pics. I’m a bit jealous if I’m honest. I had about 20,000 miles on my bike (the one I used in high school and early college) until it met a Chevy pickup in a lighted intersection when the guy in the Chevy ran a red light…OUCH).

    BTW, were you able to archive any of your XANGA blog posts?


  2. Wow, your bike makes me wish (even more) that I was already the proud owner of a new baby so I could do something seriously active–like bicycle. But it’s cool, I am asking for a Schwinn double jogging stroller for my birthday. Or something equally engineered for dual baby-pushing.

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