NC for the 4th

This past weekend I flew to Raleigh to spend the holiday with the family. Dad and Derek knew I was coming, Mom and Amanda did not. It was fun surprising them. I got in pretty late Friday night, lots of hugs and kisses all around, and Derek and I rented The Prophecy and In Bruges. He had never seen either of them, I was able to correct this.

Saturday was spent hanging around the house before heading to a 4th of July BBQ at one of Dad’s coworker’s. Delicious burgers were available and enjoyed. The rest of the weekend went by in a very enjoyable blur. Monday afternoon came too soon and it was time to head back to Albuquerque. It can be really hard to not see my family for so long.

I almost got to spend the night in the Atlanta airport, as bad weather left us in a holding pattern above the airport for about 45 minutes, meaning I stepped off the plane about 5 minutes after my flight to Albuquerque was supposed to take off. Thankfully though the pilot and co-pilot had been similarly delayed, and I just made it onto the plane before they closed the doors.

Oh yeah, I promised Miriah I’d post pictures of the newly renovated house. Due to a massively leaking fridge, my parents and younger siblings had to live in a hotel for a couple months while new floors were put down. Now that that is done with though, the finished produce is quite nice.

First up we’ve got some shots of the new kitchen, as graced by Mom and Amanda. From there we move outside to the new deck, where Dad is using his pretty new grill. Also on display is the impressive vegetable garden my parents have been working. It actually extends past the chainlink fence. You may notice that the first few pictures look a little misty, as though I was shooting a dream sequence for a Belgian children’s show. Actually this was just because it was so damn humid that my camera lens fogged over. Moving back inside, we’ve got a shot of the Cricket poochie, and end with the family around the table. I appear to have that all too common talent of taking a picture just the instant after everyone stopped smiling. Sorry guys.


Apparently Ron Jeremy has a pet tortoise named “Cherry”, which probably means it is a red-footed tortoise, like Gus, but of the smaller “cherry head” variety. I guess that’s another thing I have in common with Mr. Jeremy.

The first being that we both got a minor in Math in college.



  1. It’s nice to see the family and you really caught me off guard with the RonJ thing. Almost as much as my sister texting me at 3am in the morning to tell me that she and the boyfriend were sitting behind RonJ in a restaurant. Sure, the story had an explanation, but how come it always comes back to RonJ?

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