Amy came to see me!

Amy arrived half an hour early Friday evening. Luckily, I’d checked Southwest online, and I was at the airport when she was. 😀 I got a few strange looks from other people there, probably because I kept checking the flight board to see when “Arriving” would change to “Arrived” grinning like an idiot the whole time. I was very excited.

Seeing her walk through the revolving doors made me so incredibly happy.

Since she hadn’t eaten dinner yet, we headed to The Frontier Restaurant, a fairly well known local joint, kind of like the UNM equivalent of Kirby Lane Cafe. On the way she told me about her flight over, including her lengthy conversation with the guy seated next to her. I’ll let her share in more detail if she wants, but it was one of the strangest air travel conversations I’ve ever heard of.

Having eaten (pretty good food) we headed back to the house to chill. It was so good just being together. Saturday morning we woke up early, and Amy took her first ride on Bianca. Unfortunately, the old seat on her left something to be desired, so a quick trip to Wal-Mart got us a more comfortable and supportive seat, and we were soon off to the Rio Grande bike paths. The weather felt great, lots of other friendly bikers around also, and we even got to hear/smell some old friends: free-tailed bats. 🙂

From there we headed to Old Town, the original Spanish established square of Albuquerque. It’s now mostly cool shops and a central plaza. We had lunch (more green chiles) and more fun poking around. I found a pretty bracelet for Bea, I hope she will enjoy it. After grabbing some icecream, and witnessing a second unfortunately planned wedding ceremony, we headed to Albuquerque’s Natural Science and History Museum.

I’d checked out the museum online and was impressed, but it was even better than I expected. The main exhibits were arranged chronologically from the beginning of the universe to the final epoch of dinosaurs in the New Mexico area. I think we went backwards through the exhibits, but I kind of liked going back in time like that.

After the museum we decided that as delicious as New Mexican cuisine could be, we were really feeling like something different by this point, and wound up at a local pizzeria. One enormous calzone later, we headed back to the house where we cuddled up and watched a Futurama movie.

Sunday morning was bittersweet; as always our time together flew past ridiculously quickly. We grabbed some Dinos for breakfast, and found a neat little park to sit in and enjoy our food.

Much too soon, it was time for Amy to head back to the airport.

It always hurts to leave, but at least we’ve got less than a month of apart-time now. I hope it goes by quickly!


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  1. Awww. I understand. I remember when R was in basic, it was such a long time between visits. I can hardly wait for you guys to come see us. We will have so much fun. XOXO. Talk soon.

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