Missin’ folks.

When I miss Texas I watch King of the Hill.

But then I miss Texas more.


One aspect of my physique I’ve always been a little self-concious of is my legs: they are very skinny. Vince once described me as looking like a chimp with atrophied legs. It’s true. 😦

However, this past weekend, Amy said my calves are almost looking normal! And all it took was about 300 miles on my bike. 🙂


I really don’t want to go crazy.


One comment

  1. Derby is 24 July at 7:30 pm

    As for not wanting to go crazy–don’t get knocked-up. It makes you act/feel/be crazier than any other experience I have had. Aside from that, stay hydrated and don’t talk to inanimate objects or expect different results from the same behaviors.

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