Today I went for a nice long bike ride: about 40 miles in 2:45, which means I averaged about 14.5 mph. I’ll take that. Unfortunately, I also got a bit roasted on my arms and legs. I’m going to have a major farmer’s tan.

The ride was fun, I went again along the banks of the Rio Grande, but this time also included a loop at the south end of the trail system that goes in and among the river’s spillway. That was cool, wherever you have a large amount of smooth concrete far away from authority figures you’re going to get some interesting graffiti. The best I saw looked like a face of a henchmen from the Batman cartoon that was on when I was a kid, except it was about 25 feet tall and done entirely with spray paint. If I go on that ride again I’ll bring my cellphone and take a picture of it.

Wildlife was out in force also, I passed by several group of baby ducks who were chilling on the bike path, as well as lots of little gecko type lizards scampering about. Also out on the bike paths were downright strange people. One guy appeared to be wearing the hood from a beekeeper’s costume as he biked along. As I passed by another woman I called out, “On your left” as a courtesy, she responded with 3 or 4 seconds of duck quacks. Finally one guy I saw looked like he was wearing a tri-corner hat.

Actually, the guy wearing the tri-corner hat might just have a brilliant idea, especially when riding in traffic. The fact is that bicycle helmets are good protection if you fall off your bike, but won’t do a lot if you’re in a collision with an automobile. In fact, some research has shown that drivers will pull closer when passing cyclists wearing helmets because they feel they are “protected.” So, the best way to actually be safer when riding among vehicles is to make them slow down, I bet that hat does the trick.



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