I present to you . . .

. . . the name for my bike. 🙂

Now the name for Amy’s bike came very naturally. First off, her (the bike is obviously a girl) previous owner named her Betty, which seemed like a close but not quite natural fit. And since Amy likes Bianchi bicycles, the name Bianca was perfect.

However it wasn’t until today that I came upon the name for my bike, and when it hit me, it made me smile. First off, it should be noted that my bike’s frame color is called “Beef Gravy” by its manufacturer, but has also been called “poop” by several people who have seen it. This is fair. However, that’s not the only stuff with a rich brown patina. You read right, I just referred to poop’s patina.

Anyway, I was riding home from work, traffic was good, the weather was pleasant, and I was looking down at the brown frame, with my black taped handlebars and black rims, and it hit me.

My bike is The Black & Tan.

An awesome bicycle, and my favorite draught based method of achieving shit-facedness. 😀

Apologies if you’re Irish and touchy.



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