So, in three days time Pharoah will kill David Hyde Pierce? Also, boobies?

Uh oh, hopefully this isn’t going the way of Shanga. I promise I’ll do better, and think of interesting things to post.

Until that time though, you get to read about two strange dreams I had last night. Now, compared to some other dreams I’ve had I guess these were actually mild, but there were some genuinely strange bits to each of them. Both of them also seem to be school related.

Dream #1

In this dream I’m a student, and one of my teachers is David Hyde Pierce, the actor best known for portraying Dr. Niles Crane on the sitcom Frasier. And I really really don’t like him. I don’t like him to the point that I want to kill him. I remember that actually creeping me out in dream, that I wanted to off the guy. Anyway, I’m in the dream and I’ve just been to Pierce’s office (I guess I must have been at least an undergrad student in the dream since the office seemed to be the office of a college professor) and I’m furious with him and thinking bloody murder. Then, all of the sudden, it was like there was a burst of static, or a glitch, in my dream, and I suddenly couldn’t remember if I had just wanted to kill David Hyde Pierce or if I actually had. I started to panic. I got so panicked that I woke myself up, still freaking out, over whether or not I’d actually done something terrible. Thankfully, to my knowledge, DHP remains unharmed.

Dream #2

In this dream I was back at A&M, but not as a student. Instead, I was on campus, and I had to talk to a bunch of undergrad students for one of their classes. I had to talk to them about mattresses. Apparently they were taking a class on mattresses, and I was a mattress expert. I think they had to talk to me for extra credit.

The first student I talked to was a guy in the Corp. I was trying to tell him what he needed to know, but at the same time a Corp parade was going by and my guy was having a lot of fun trying to mess with and distract his buddies as they marched. Eventually the commanding officer got really upset and chased him into a dorm. I waited outside the dorm for him to come back out and finish the mattress lesson but he never did, and eventually I felt bad about neglecting the other students who were waiting so I left. I met with the next group of students in their dorm. Immediately after starting to talk, one of the guys came up to me and said he had to go to church and wanted to know if I’d just sign the piece of paper saying he’d heard my talk. So I did. Seriously, who needs to learn about mattresses anyway?

I did think it was interesting though, I’ve heard that you can’t read in dreams, that if you try to read a sign or book that it will just look blurry. I was though able to write my name and then read it.

Anyway, back to teaching about mattresses! After signing the guy’s note I turned  back to the other two students, both girls, and realized that they now had their tops off. I know what you’re thinking, “Wooooo! Sex dream!”, but nope, I just finished giving my lecture on mattresses and then woke up. No hanky panky what so ever. I woke up after finishing my lecture. Hopefully the two of them put their tops back on and got a good grade in their dream mattresses class.

So there you have it, two somewhat odd dreams. Interpretable? Perhaps, I’d be interested to hear what you think.


  1. oooh to have your dreams, and the vivid memory of them. They may be disconcerting in occurance, but holy crap they are hilarious in retrospect–or vicarious retrospect. Again, your package for the babies was so cool. I am going to try and load pictures tonight. But i is 10 and i have the sleepies. unfortunately, i didn’t remake my bed after washing the sheets, and the baby is asleep so I can’t do it right now… Oh well.

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