Oh the places you’ll go!

So, here’s a fun update: it’s my room!

I figured I hadn’t really used my camera recently (an awesome gift from Amy!) and also most people who read this might possibly be interested to see where I live. So here we are, a tour of Kit’s abode in 8 pictures:

“Ok, here we go folks, mind the gap, all extremities and personal belongings inside the Land Rover if you please.”

1.) “First off, as we approach the lair of the Kittiphus Maximus make note of the sign on the door. This is there not as a warning to intruders of a possible attack animal inside, but due to the fact that Gus occasionally hangs out in front of the door and doesn’t appreciate being pushed around or stepped upon. Also, he really does use that pull up bar. Honestly.”

2.) “Now that we’ve entered I apologize for the poor lighting, I’d open a window but it’s rainy outside anyway, plus the blinds are very dusty. Also, I didn’t make my bed this morning.”

3.) “Yep, there in that corner with the chair and the desk and the bookcase is where I spend quite a good deal of time, shall we take a closer look? Yes, let’s!”

4.) “Of particular note should be the maroon tube still containing my A&M diploma. Eeeep! But what might be in the Rubbermaid container?”

5.) “Why, it’s a red-footed tortoise enjoying his new and improved digs of course! He’d outgrown the smaller terrarium, and now basks in 31 gallons of plasticine goodness.”

6.) “If you’d turn around now, I’d like to show you something I’m very proud of. Over the weekend, I cleaned out and organized my closet. Yes, yes, I know I need to do laundry, please don’t take away from my moment.”

7.) “And in the corner there is a handsome rocker, Gus’s blanket (terrarium insulation when it gets too cold at night), and my dumbbells. I use those also!”

8.) “Finally, we’ve got my bicycles. They make me smile. I haven’t had the chance for much long distance riding recently, but hopefully I can remedy that before too long.”

I hope you’ve all enjoyed your stay!



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