Let’s play catch-up

Lots of stuff happening/happened!

First off: Thanksgiving with Amy in NC was a lot of fun. Lots of family, fun stuff to do, movies to see, museums to see, pirates to sink, and turkey to eat. Some couples-co-cooking was also accomplished. Got to see Derek’s current abode. It suited him very well, it’s very Derek-shaped.

Second point of order: I’m going to make an honest effort to try and like mushrooms and olives.

Finally: this is a fun fact that struck me when I read a billboard on the way to see Amy a couple weeks ago.

In 1793, a boy was born in the Shenandoah Valley. Nearly two centuries later, when people first traveled to a celestial body other than Earth, their first communication was to call out his name.

Sam Houston! He was a lil’ kid once. If I had a time machine, one thing I’d like to do would be to go back and tell him that fact when he’s 8 or 9.

Well, that’s all you’re going to get at the moment, it’s time for me to get back to working on my thesis, it’s almost done!


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