An Excellent Weekend

This weekend seriously kicked ass. Lots of fun conversations, enjoyable activities, and tasty booze.

1.) We went drunken put-putting again, always fun, though we should have brought 3 flasks instead of 2 as a couple extra folks joined our party.

2.) We went skeet shooting and I got to fire my 870 riot gun for the first time. It actually made it much easier! Probably has something to do with the fixed improved cylinder choke really opening up the pattern. In any case, I went from hitting one out of 10 clays that I aimed at to hitting about half of them. Still not great, but made me feel much better.

3.) I bought a bottle of 2009 release George T. Stagg Kentucky bourbon. It is delicious. Seriously, it is absolutely amazing. It’s aged 15 years, 141.7 proof, and is the most fantastic whiskey I’ve ever had. I’m hoping to savor this bottle over the next year, and then buy a 2010 bottle when it’s released.

4.) I think I’m going to try to build a retrodirect drive train onto an old cruiser bicycle frame I’ve acquired. That’d be pretty sweet. 🙂

Hope you’re all doing well!

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