Some bits.

While working on homework tonight, I let myself be distracted by a box of pennies I’ve been keeping for the past 5 or 6 years. Generally, when I empty my wallet or pockets of change I put the silver into a buffalo-head nickel jar Grandmother game me a very long time ago, and the pennies go into a black leather Dockers box that was also given to me by the grandparents when they gave me my wallet.

Anyway, the box is pretty much full of pennies at this point, though over the years other little doodads have managed to get in there. I separated these out, and have here recorded them for posterity.

So we’ve got some Chuck-E-Cheese tokens, some tokens to Buffalo Lanes bowling alley, some fake Spanish¬†doubloons, some pins, some tacks, some rings, a tie tack (possibly stolen from Dad?), a key ring, a small mirror, some nails, a mancala bead, and one of Dr. Hayenga’s business cards.

Also on my camera, some pictures of Gus and Roxie, my and Amy’s tortoises respectively. Gus is the larger of the two, on the right.



  1. so did you get two beta club pins or is one of those mine? and i am pretty sure that is the tie tack mom got for dad the summer they got engaged–so maybe don’t lose it : )

  2. Nope, the tie tack purchased 30 years ago (after the wedding) this summer in sunny Breckenridge, CO is in my jewelry box. Said box was given to me by my Oom Sjoert nearly 40 years ago.

    I do not know of the origins of the tie tack in question, possibly a gift?

    Gus looks interested in Roxie, in a tortoise sort of way…to slow for me to keep up with!


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