While I was riding back from work earlier this week I hit a branch. Normally I would try to avoid this event, but the branch was large and green, covered in vines, and took up most of the shoulder on the bridge I was riding across. Since I was on a bridge, I couldn’t exactly swerve around it, and traffic being some what heavy, I couldn’t swerve out into the traveling lanes.

So I hit my brakes and tried to go as directly over it as possible, to avoid losing control and being hit by a Volvo. As expected the branch got wrapped around my crank and wheels and I had to coast to the end of the bridge where I could hop off and remove it. Luckily there was no damage, and I was able to continue on back to the house.

Unluckily, it appears that some of those vines that I mentioned earlier were of the poisonous, itchy variety; and I now have a couple red bumpy patches on both my right calf and my left thigh.




  1. Hmmm, branch on a bridge…either the water course it crosses is not that wide and said branch broke off and landed on the shoulder or it fell off of a truck/trailer that was filled with yard waste. This yard waste was composed of itch causing vines that seek out bicyclers on their commutes. The mutations have begun…run for the hills.

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