Year in Review

Well, it’s 2011 now and while I haven’t done this before, I think I’m going to try and sum up 2010 as it was for me, for you.

A lot has happened!

Last January I got my Master’s degree.

Spring semester went pretty well. I got engaged. 😀

Summer in Knoxville went well, and I’ll be heading back pretty soon. But this time with Amy! 😀 😀 😀 Seriously, I am so happy about that.

I started lifting again.

I got a cat. He’s my buddy.

I got a truck. It is awesome.

I’m glossing over a lot, but 2010 wasn’t too bad for yours truly.

Let’s see what 2011 can do!


  1. I love you so much! I’m so excited about moving to Knoxville with you (although I am not looking forward to the drive there). I know ABQ was our first choice, but I think TN will be great too :)!

  2. I think you could have used an acrostic to sum up the year…you nearly did that with your “bulleted” summation.

    Matt vdH arrived at 5:40, enjoyed a meal at Outback, he’s relaxing at the moment…in the guest room which was the “boys” room before it became “Derek’s” room and is now actually mom’s sewing room…

    Off to engage in conversation with the family Marine.

    Cheers, Dad

  3. I for one am glad that you avoided an acrostic. Somethings should not be replicated as their duplication lessens the originals value. Also, I am glad that 2010 was as great for you as it was for us. Weird how typing that makes me mentally try to compile a list, which makes finishing this sentence harder as my brain seems to only be able to complete one verbal task at a time. Love you and was so very, very glad to have you with us at Christmas. In two years maybe you and Amy can host! kinda kidding , kinda not : )

  4. I have discovered Kit’s Blog! It’s a little strange, because I discovered it and I still have yet to discover the Kit behind the blog. It is also strange because I have been discovering your Amy since we were 11 years old. there is a lot to be discovered.

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