Nuh uh, nuh uh, I do wut I wan’.

So I just had a totally shitty work out. I can make excuses, but it boils down to me not being 100% there mentally. And that pisses me off most of all. I went for a deadlift PR of 385 lbs, was able to break it off the floor, but my grip started to fail before I could lock it out. Disappointing. I’d been looking forward to it all week.

Oh well. I’m really looking forward to working out in the gym at me and Amy’s new place in Knoxville, it seemed much less crowded and d-bag filled than the gyms here.


Since I’ve already started into a weight lifting post, I’m going to just keep on rolling with the topic. My favorite lift is the deadlift, and my favorite “deadlifter” is Konstantin Konstantinov. Not only is his name awesome, he picks up insane amounts of weight, and then often takes time to chat with the camera guy while holding the weight.

Here he picks up 815 lbs while standing on a box to worsen his lever angle, then tells the camera man a joke:

The reason I’m telling you about this guy though is an interview I found earlier today. In it, he talks about his lifting and his training, but he also talks about it being hard for him to gain weight. That he has to fight for every kilo and that it’s a real struggle to bulk up.

This guy is worried about being too small. That thought made me laugh. Of course he is about 30 kilos lighter than the other super heavy weights that he competes against, but still, the guy is enormous!




I remember a conversation I had a couple years ago with Miriah. She asked me if I was going to be getting into triathlons. She noted that a lot of the guys she knew from high school and college who stayed physically active suddenly decided in their mid-20s that they wanted to be extreme endurance athletes and notch their triathlon belt.

Well, I think I can say with some confidence that I won’t be doing that any time soon. Or doing any marathon running. Long distance stuff just doesn’t do it for me. If forced I could probably run 10 miles, but I wouldn’t really enjoy it or get any satisfaction from it. The only time I’ve enjoyed running like that was when I’d go running with my mom back home, and then just because I got a chance to talk with her as she would unwind. Running is her thing. That’s what does it for her.

What does it for me is weightlifting. If I can get a lifetime 3-lift total of 300/405/500, I’d be happy. 🙂


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