I haven’t been sure what to do with this blog for a while. Talking with my mom, she mentioned that she’d be interested in following my strongman training, so I think I’ll start using this to log all my training. I’m not sure how interesting it will be to folks, but there ya go.

Friday 7/20 training,

Bench 5/3/1 Week 1 rep scheme, top sets 200 lbsx7,4

“Pendlay” rows, 290 3×5

Zerchers 225×3, 275×3, 315×3, 365×3, 405×3

My bench press is my weakest lift of the big 4 in relative terms. I don’t like training it, and it’s not a competition lift in strongman, but I still want to be at least decent at it. I’ve started pausing each rep at the bottom, hopefully that will force more chest activation and recruitment and help strengthen the bottom half of the concentric as that’s where I’m weakest.

I put “Pendlay” in quotes because my form on these sucks, I use a lot of body english and try to get as much explosive upper body involvement as possible. Seems to work out okay, plus nobody ever gives a shit how much you can strict row.

Zerchers are one of my favorite lifts. They help the all important posterior chain as well as mental toughness. Holding 400+ pounds in the crooks of your arms is a test of willpower as much as a test of muscle.


  1. My kids are going to think you are a superhero. I think that’s cool. I wish we had planned more time with ya’ll. It felt way too fast. I miss you like crazy and want more time with that pretty wife of yours!

    1. The time we had together was great! Of course I wish it was longer, but c’est la venison. We’ve gotta figure out how to see more of each other + families. Maybe once I’ve finished up and head out into the real world for really real.

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