Fish Oil for All!

Monday 7/23 Training

Press 5/3/1 Week 2 rep scheme, AMRAP set, 175 lbs x 6

Front squat 300 lbs 3×5, 335 lbsx1

Chins BW + 25 lbs 3×5

Barbell complex 95lbs x10 Romanian deadlift, 10 hang power clean, 10 front squats

Pressing seems to be affected more than squatting and pulling by my currently reduced calories. Oh well, hopefully I’ll slowly claw my way back to my previous numbers. Then, when I start bulking again they’ll shoot up like crazy. I can dream anyway.

Front squats continue to go really well. Using the wrist wraps really helps to avoid pain from the rack position.

Chins. Meh.

I only made it through half of the barbell complex this time. I just pussied out.

A strength training forum that I frequent is having a Widowmaker contest. So I get to find out if I can do that 150+ kg Widowmaker I claimed yesterday. 🙂


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