Don’t Forget Your Multi-Vitamin

Wednesday 7/25 Training

Deadlift 5/3/1 Week 2 rep scheme, AMRAP set, 405 lbs x 8 (strapped)

Push press 230 lbs x 2,0,0

High bar back squats 330 lbs 5×3

It seems that while I’m on this cut I can have 1 or 2 things go well in the gym, but very rarely all of them. Today deadlifts went well, I was shooting for 8 reps and I got them. Considering that a short year ago I could just barely pull 405 for 1, I’m pretty happy with this progress.

Push press was terrible. I’d gotten 3×3 at 225 without too much trouble last week, but this time around the weight just felt super heavy and I wussed out. Got to get my head straight.

To make up for push press I did an extra 2 sets of high bar squats. These felt good, but my posterior chain is totally shot now. Going to be really sore tomorrow and Friday.

I think I’ll do a relatively light session tomorrow, then take Friday and Saturday to recover before doing the 20-rep challenge on Sunday morning.


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