Light weight

Thursday 7/26 Training

Benchpress 5/3/1 Week 2 rep scheme, AMRAP set, 210 lbs x 5,3; 225 lbs x 1 w/ commands

“Pendlay”  rows 225 lbs 3×5

Zerchers 225 lbs x 5, 275 lbs x 5, 315 lbs x 5

Benching went okay. I feel like I’m getting stronger off my chest at the bottom of the lift which is good. Amy was very nice and gave me the “start, press, rack” commands on my final rep, so now I know I should be able to get 225 in a competition type setting. LMAO2plates.

Rows were light and I concentrated on having better form. Though, to be honest, I feel like these are more effective for me when I use much heavier weight and don’t care about form.

Zerchers went fine. Overall I went pretty light today so that I have a full 54 hours to recover and be ready for my 20-rep squat attempt on Sunday morning. I’ll be going for 330 lbs, or right at 150 kilos.


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