Can’t Always Get What You Want

Sunday 7/29 Training

Squat, attempted widowmaker, 330 lbs x 15

Snatch grip press, 120 lbs 3×5

Power cleans 185 lbs 3×3, 210 lbs x3, 225 lbs x1, 235 lbs x1, 245 lbs x0,0

Today was a disappointment. I felt confident I could  get 20 “breathing” reps at 330 lbs, but I failed on number 16. In addition, looking at video afterwards, I was a couple inches high on a lot of the reps. I probably need to build a box to mark depth, as I’m not doing a good enough job of hitting it on my own.

Snatch grip press went well. At least I got the reps I was after, and I didn’t come close to passing out.

Power cleans were a mixed bag. I worked on dropping under the bar faster and that seemed to help. I need to just keep doing more reps and getting more consistent with my form. 245 would have been a PR, but I wussed out both times.


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