Don’t Get Greedy

Wednesday 8/1 Training

Deadlift 5/3/1 Week 3 rep scheme, 425 lbs x 1, 455 lbs x 1, 485 lbs x 1,  500 lbs x 0,0,0

High Bar Back Squat 340 lbs 3×3

BTN Push Press 160 lbs x 3, 185 lbs x 3, 205 lbs x 3

Pulled 485 lbs today which was a new PR. Unfortunately I made the classic mistake of trying for another PR immediately afterwards. But 500 wouldn’t budge, like it was glued to the floor. So instead of being happy for getting 485, I was pissed that I couldn’t hit 500. I’m pretty sure I could get 500, mentally I just wasn’t committed.

Squatting was fine.

Pressing is still bothersome. My right elbow’s feeling a little wonky. After this week I’m going to take a week off entirely, hopefully that’ll help me both physically and mentally since I’m starting to feel burnt out.


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