This Song Is Very Deep

Monday 8/20 Training

Squat, 5/3/1 Week 1 rep scheme, top set 330 lbs x 8

Snatch Grip Presses 115 lbs x 5

Power Cleans 210 lbs 3×3

Weighted Dips BW + 55 lbs 5×5

Overall I’d give training today a B. It was solid, though definitely not spectacular. I’m really making sure I hit depth on all squatting, so I wound up with 8 reps instead of 10 or 11. I think I could have gotten 9 though, but I left one in the tank. Snatch grip presses are ridiculous, I’m going to have to start microloading them. Power cleans were fine, and dips always feel harder to complete than they wind up being.

On another note, over the weekend I got to go white water rafting with Amy, her Dad, and her brother Ben. It was a lot of fun. We went down the Pigeon River, which was a little tame, and the Ocoee River, which was  not. I’d definitely recommend the Ocoee River trip to friends and family.


One comment

  1. tame enough to take kids? Maybe when we come see you guys… right, because hopefully we can still get a trip together to see you guys. Pictures from B’s birthday are on the blog. Missed you all. A lot. Hope this week is AWESOME. Or at least really great.

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