Crisp Football Weather

Tuesday 8/21 Training

Press, 5/3/1 Week 2 rep scheme, top set 180 lbs x 4

Overhead Squats 135 lbs 3×3

Speed Deadlifts 275 lbs 3×5

Face Pulls 3×12

Hopefully my pressing will eventually pick up again. It’s not a lot of fun to feel stuck, but so it goes. I decided to give overhead squatting a try since my wrist still feels banged up when I try to front squat. It was interesting, you really have to pay attention to balance, and it stresses the hell out of your shoulder girdle. Speed pulls I’ve been adding in to try and improve my power off the floor for deadlifting, we’ll see how that goes in a month or so when I try to max out that lift again.


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