Tender Tendons

Sunday 8/26 Training

Squat, 5/3/1 Week 2 rep scheme, top set 350 lbs x 8

Snatch Grip Press 122.5 lbs 3×5

Power Cleans 215 lbs 3×3

Weighted Dips BW + 60 lbs 3×5

I’d give training today a B+, solid but not spectacular. Snatch grip pressing moves so slowly, but my 1.25 lb change plates are helping out a lot. Power cleans continue to improve, I’m pulling the bar a lot higher before catching now. Hopefully these dips will eventually help my overhead pressing, that’s what they’re for afterall.

Even though I’m done with course work, I want to pick up a broader skill set in scientific computing and programming. Luckily, there’s a lot online in the form of tutorials and straight up free courses. I’ve laid out a syllabus for myself to learn Python this semester, hopefully getting a strong foundation in the language, as well as learning how to apply it to scientific modeling problems. Assuming this goes well, next semester I’ll do the same with the goal of familiarizing myself with a compiled language, either C or Fortran probably, along with SQL. Hopefully that added skill set will serve me well wherever I wind up after graduating.

So between finishing dissertation research, learning Python 3 days a week, and training 4 days a week, I’ll be a busy boy.


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