Monday 8/27 Training

Press, 5/3/1 Week 3 rep scheme, top set 190 lbs x 1, 200 lbs x 0

Overhead Squats, 45 lbs x 3, 95 lbs x 3, 145 lbs x 1

Today’s training turned into all kinds of bullshit.


  1. meh. give yourself credit for consistently training. Never forget that it isn’t the individaul results but the cumulative. You are much stronger now than you were even a year ago–and next year, you will be stronger than now. So it was a shit workout…but you still did it, and that still made you incrementally stronger.

    : ) Love you!

    1. Thanks, that’s very true. My hobby of strength training is a long haul type endeavor, hopefully in a year I’ll be that much closer to my goals.

  2. Hey, don’t be so hard on yourself. You’ve worked really hard. Your elbow isn’t doing so hot right now. you work a hell of a lot harder than anyone else I know. Go you!

    Plus, your arms look like Jeremy Renner’s, so there’s one thing that you can be happy/pleased about, even if a workout was a letdown.

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