I Win Again! Like I Always Do!

Sunday 9/23 Training

Squat 395 lbs x 3, 335 lbs x 8,7,6

Good Mornings 185 lbs 3×5

Hang Power Snatch 100 lbs 3×5

Hammer Curls 35 lbs x 35 reps each arm

Tonight was brutal. All told I squatted for 30 reps between 315 and 395 lbs. I will be very sore over the next couple days. Felt good though, after Friday’s lack luster.

Over the weekend we went to the downtown farmer’s market and happened upon a cupcake competition. Good times.

Update: I was really worried my lower back would be shot after last night’s squatting, but so far today, no worries. 🙂


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