Sunday 10/14 Training

Mini Band Pull Aparts 3×15

Bench Press 220 lbs x 5, 185 lbs x 10, 10, 9

Pendlay Rows 225 lbs 5×5

Hammer Curls 50 lbs 3×5 each arm

Pretty good training session, and the last of my first cycle of the Iron Sport Strength Method. Over all, I’d say I really like how the training is going. I may eventually go back to something like 5/3/1 but I think I’ll see how far Iron Sport can take me in the next year or so.

Another good college football weekend, A&M won (barely) and Texas got stomped.

Best. Pacifier. Ever.



  1. and KState is now number 4–in the nation. Yep. pretty proud to have attended that fine institution. And just wish we had bought season tickets! Those pictures are hilarious. Do you know the baby?

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