I’ll Call You Red Nose.

Friday 11/30 Training

Bench press 230 lbs x 2,1, 200 lbs 3×6

“Chinese” Dumbbell Rows 85 lbs 3×10

Dumbbell Flies 45 lbers 3×8

Light Band Good Mornings 3×20

This week’s training has been a real shit show. Tonight I was supposed to be deadlifting, but my  hamstrings have been extremely tight for the past couple days. I’ve been walking around work like I’ve got a stick up my ass. Anyway, I was hopeful that they’d loosen up enough as I warmed up that I could still get some decent pulling done tonight. Nope. On my second to last warm up set, a full 120 lbs under my max, I couldn’t even break the bar off the ground.

So on to benching it was. And benching went the way benching always seems to go. Oh well.


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