Monday 12/3 Training

Power Snatch Warm up to 145 lbs

Squat 365 lbs x 1, 395 lbs x 1, high bar 315 lbs 3×5

Jump Squats 235 lbs 3×5

Shrugs 315 lbs 3×10

I’m going to be going a little off program for the rest of this month. With work and holiday travel it’s likely I’ll just have to take what I can get as far as gym time goes, so I’ll just be playing it by ear. Hopefully though I’ll still get some decent work in. I think I’m going to switch over to Olympic style back squatting for a couple cycles also. Seems to be easier on my knees.


  1. i was thinking about your hamstring problem. Perhaps you should throw some running in. On a track/elliptical/treadmill or concrete–when my hamstrings are tight it always helps. It is completely different from what you do with your strength training but some cardio would be a nice way to change it up a little. Just thinking.

  2. also, if you don’t already know about this company, you should check them out. I read an article on SLATE (yeah, I know…) but then I checked their website and I was impressed. And thought of you. It seems pretty Kit perfect–let me know what your favorite color is, if I have a good X-mas in the shop, I will buy one for all my guys : )

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