Now You Get Ice!

Monday 3/18 Training

Squat 375 lbs x 3, 415 lbs x 3, 365 lbs 3 x 5

High Bar Pause Squats 315 lbs 4 x 2

Power Cleans 230 lbs x 2

Power Clean Pulls 230 lbs x 2

Yesterday I started incorporating Kelly Starnett’s mobility training. My goal for yesterday was to get 10 minutes total seated in the bottom position of an ass to grass squat. I had to break it up into 1 or 2 minute chunks, but I eventually got all of them. Throughout today my hips felt weird, but when I went to squat tonight I could tell a definite difference. The triple at 415 was easy, and all my reps were much deeper than they’ve been in the past. 🙂


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