Monday 8/12 Training

Power Snatch 135 lbs 2 x 3, 155 lbs x 3, 170 lbs x 1

Snatch High Pulls 205 lbs 3 x 3

Squat 415 lbs 3 x 2, 1 single, then massive failure

Overhead Squat 135 lbs 3 x 3

Training continues in a “2 steps forward, 1 step back” fashion. 170 was an ugly PR power snatch. My goal was 5 doubles at 415 lbs, but on the second rep of the 4th double I got way out of the groove and had to dump the bar. In doing so, I destroyed the two ghetto catch bars that I bought at Home Depot. Farewell stalwart companions.


EDIT: 170 was not a PR, just tied my PR.


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