Well, that was dumb.

Wednesday 8/28 Training

Snatch Grip Press 115 lbs 6 x 4

BW Dips 4 x 12

Face Pulls x 20

Rows 295 lbs 1 x 5

The past couple days have been crap for training. Yesterday I went in for strict pressing, but everything felt way heavier than it should and both my right knee, shoulder, and elbow felt dodgy. So I decided to take it easy and come back later. Today I came back and decided to hit lower weight / higher rep stuff. Unfortunately, I also planned on rowing. In the past, I’ve rowed after either clean and pressing or push pressing, either of which serve to adequately warm up my hamstrings before hand. I didn’t think of that before starting today, and promptly pulled a hamstring on my first set. >:-(


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