Hyde Park Gym

Sunday 1/5 Training

Front Squat 275 lbs x 3, 300 lbs x 3, 315 lbs x 1

Squat 315 lbs 3 x 5

Glute Ham Raise 3 x 10

Chest Supported Rows 3 x 8

I am now training at Hyde Park Gym, an old school gym here in Austin. It is fantastic. I think I counted a dozen places to squat, plus they’ve got strongman implements. This should be fun.

As far as training goes, I went pretty light today, decent volume, trying to ease back into the swing of things. At least that was the intention. When I got back to the apartment I suddenly felt really off, and wound up heaving in the bathroom for a few minutes. That’s never happened from just gym training before.


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