Tender Tendons

Friday 1/10

Bench Press 225 lbs 2 x 2

Bench Press w/ Slingshot 255 lbs 2 x 2, 225 lbs x 6

Chest Supported Rows 100 lbs 4 x 8

Hammer Curls 32.5 lbers 3 x 12

So that closes out my first week of training for the powerlifting meet. Overall I feel pretty beat, but hopefully I should start adjusting to the increased volume soon. Curls are definitely going to be needed to keep my elbows happy with all the pressing and pulling.


One comment

  1. Kit ! good on ya, I started doing s Jillian Michael’s workout at the Curves to switch it up. she is one of the coaches for Biggest Losers, She is hardcore but maybe it will help with the flexability thing. not a big expense but all girls and all kinds and lots of encouragement. Amanda and also Miriah have gone with me, both improved and seemed to like it. just thinking, love you

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