Wednesday 2/5

Snatch Grip Deadlift warm up to 405 lb single


               Conventional  405 lbs 4 x 4 beltless, 455 lbs x 2, 505 lbs x 2 strapped

                                      405 lbs x 9 strapped

                DOH Speed Pulls 365 lbs x 1, 375 lbs x 1, 385 lbs x 1, 395 lbs x miss

Farmer’s Walks 

          125 lbs x 100 ft w/ turn at 50 ft

          175 lbs x 100 ft w/ turn at 50 ft

          205 lbs x 60 ft w/ turn at 30 ft

Tonight was a really good session. The heavy double was a real grind, but I got it done. Then I almost got a 2xBW DOH pull, which is something I’ve wanted for a while. Finally, after I thought I was done, the other strongman competitor at the gym arrived and was going to do farmer’s walks. Since I so rarely get to train with someone, I said “fuck it” and did farmer’s as well. Just goes to show you how much having a training partner can help because I think I did about as well today as I did Sunday when I was relatively fresh.

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