Monday 3/10

Axle Clean & Press 75 kg 3 x 3 strict, 95 kg 3 x 3 push press

Z-Press 135 lbs x 8, 6, 6, 6

Pull Ups 4 x 6

Band Resisted Good Mornings 4 x 25

Some pressing. I power cleaned the axle up to an attempted continental at 105 kg that re-strained my lower back. Sometimes I can be a real dummy.


Squat by Southwest

Saturday 3/8

High Bar Squat 400 lbs x 1, 420 lbs x 1, 440 lbs x 1

The gym I’ve been training at had a friendly squat only meet yesterday. I went 3/3 and my last attempt was definitely a max effort. Felt good. I’m considering now if I want to switch back to low bar squatting and see if I can get a 500 lb squat sometime in the next few months. That’d be pretty awesome. Or maybe I’ll try to keep building my high bar squat and get a 500 lb high bar squat in about a year.


Friday 3/7

Push Press 225 lbs x 3, 255 lbs x 1, 270 lbs x 1, 235 lbs x 4, 3, 2, 1

Log Rows 270 lbs 3 x 5

Pull Ups 3 x 6

Banded Good Mornings 4 x 25

270 lbs was a PR overhead. Maybe only by 5 lbs, but I’ll take it. Unfortunately I seem to have tweaked my lower back. Since I’m doing a squat only competition in the morning, this might wind up biting me in the ass. Oh well, just how it goes I suppose.


Tuesday 3/4

Bench Press 220 lbs 5 x 5

High Bar Squat 335 lbs x 3, 365 lbs x 3, 395 lbs x 3, 415 lbs x 1

Didn’t do a lot, but what I did do felt good. I hit my opener for Saturday for a triple, and then decided to go up to around what I’m thinking for my second attempt and it moved well also. Good stuff.


Saturday 3/1

Snatch Grip Deadlift warm up to 405 lb single


Conventional  420 lbs 4 x 4 beltless,

470 lbs x 2,

530 lbs x Jack Shit

420 lbs x 10 strapped

Today was disappointing. As smoothly at I’d pulled 515 x 2 last week, I hoped this week would see some strong progress as well. No dice. I actually came in yesterday for this session but my hamstrings felt really off and I wound up cutting it short halfway through my warm up. So it goes. I’ll go back in about 10 days and try again.

Supine Schmupine

Thursday 2/27

Bench Press 240 lbs x 3, 2, 1, 185 lbs 3 x 5 feet up

Snatch Grip Press 95 lbs 4 x 5, 105 lbs x 8

Chest Supported Rows 125 lbs 4 x 6

Dumbbell Hammer Curls 25 lbers x 20, 15, 15

I will not miss benching after I’ve done the power lifting meet at the end of March. It seems like every other benching session I wind up with beat to hell shoulders and elbows. Overhead pressing is where it’s at for me.


Tuesday 2/25

High Bar Squat 375 lbs 3 x 3, 385 lbs x 1, 395 lbs x 1, 405 lbs x 1

SSB Squat 240 lbs 5 x 3 beltless

Mini-band Pull Aparts 6 x 20

First time over 400 lbs since I had to switch to high bar ATG. Feels good man. Hit the SSB again, but this time I also threw in a bunch of high volume shoulder/upper back stuff so hopefully I won’t have shoulder issues again like last time.